Jennings Gray
Vice President

With over 12 years of local, state and national economic development project experience, Jennings offers customized expertise in negotiating commercial site incentives. He has consistently secured multi-million dollar incentives for various nationwide corporate clients while maintaining key local and state government relationships. Jennings utilizes the most effective, yet public-friendly, economic incentive programs such as Tax Increment Financing, Community Improvement Districts, Transportation Development Districts, Sales Tax and Property Tax Abatements and Cooperative Endeavor Agreements. His most recent successful projects include securing a $1.8 Million offsite infrastructure reimbursement in South Texas and negotiating a $5.2 Million incentive package in central Oklahoma.

Jennings has prior experience in local government administration and planning, corporate public relations and customer service executive management. After attending Appalachian State University, Jennings received certifications in Government Planning, Tax, Economic Development and Administration from the University of North Carolina’s Institute of Government.

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