"New Landmark Group worked with my legal and development teams every step of the way. Bottomline, they are an authority on state and local incentives and follow through on what they say they will do. Would I do another project with New Landmark Group? I wouldn’t do one without them!"

Sam Park, President
Sam Park & Company

Company History

In the early 1990s, New Landmark Group was founded on the premise that large retail developments can benefit significantly from economic development incentive programs. As Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Mark Coté’s extensive leadership experience working with public sector economic development and community planning agencies was instrumental in overseeing the emergence of the company, as well as the ultimate launch of a new niche service sector focused solely on incentive acquisitions.

Initially, New Landmark Group was tasked with an assignment for an auto parts retailer located in the Midwest, but the firm’s pioneering work soon began to attract the attention of national retailers. New Landmark Group’s approach and model of success in the retail sector also began to appeal to manufacturers and distribution companies, establishing the firm’s growth and enabling them to surface as the leading force in the development of comprehensive, integrated and demand-driven incentive plans and negotiations.

Through it all, New Landmark Group’s national presence is rooted in a fundamental understanding of local, state and national economic development policies. Leveraging this strong knowledge-base with a shrewd sense of negotiation, New Landmark Group is the premier developer of projects that utilize the applicable financial incentives for cost saving corporate development.

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